Welcome to Daily Cooking Recipes

I want to take this opportunity to welcome you to my site.  I will try to post a recipe every day.  These recipes are easy to make and fun to eat.   I have 1000 recipes I have made and created over the past dozen or so years.  Please enjoy my website and leave comments or questions; we would happily respond.

Here are some of the items I recommend for your kitchen. If you are serious about making great food for your family, I suggest these items. There are always more items for your kitchen, but there are some that are just necessary, in my opinion. My mixer is used daily. I could not live without it. My kids love homemade pasta. After the first time I made it, I kept getting told, “Make it the good way.” Coffee making, well I am always tired. My daughter calls it Anti-murder juice. Chewy Ice Maker isn’t “needed”, but it sure is nice. EVERY kitchen needs cutting boards. Although without knives, I guess you don’t need them.

Please take out little pop-up quizzes and polls we put up from time to time. I have making them and I hope you have fun doing them.